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About Choices in Living Counseling Centers, Inc.
Choices in Living Counseling Centers, Inc. is an Alcohol and Drug and Domestic Violence Treatment Agency operating in Wheat Ridge, Golden, and Montbello. Since opening 40+ years ago, we’ve treated thousands of clients and treated every client like they were a part of our family, with respect and with dignity. 
Our services come with a professional AND personal touch. Read on . . . .
A Counselor is a person who has committed their life to helping others. They've studied counseling, its history, the techniques, the interpersonal development, the individual and family issues, multiple issues, the disorders, the treatment strategies, age differences of individuals, individual and group counseling strategies and techniques, multi-cultural differences, family influences, upbringing differences, behavioral modification techniques, communication skills, conflict resolution skills, problem-solving skills, stress management, anger management skills and techniques, time management skills, skills for successful relationships, skills of empathy, and much more. They have gone through years of college, years of seminar training, and have years of experience. They study the research and they apply what they have studied and learned in their personal lives and in the classroom. Counseling is a craft and a calling. It's not for just anyone.
 One primary goal of the   Counselors at Choices is   to leave each of their   clients with their self-   respect and with their   dignity intact.
 All you have as you go through   your life is your integrity, your   dignity, and your humanity.
 When you take all the   melodrama out of the world,   all that is really left is a lot of   work to do.

 Reduce the melodrama and   you reduce the stress.
 We are not perfect and we don't claim to be.
 We don't expect our clients to be perfect 
 There are no stupid questions. If you want to know something at or about Choices or their Counselors, Please just ask. Call Cam 303 669-8427.
Choices in Living Counseling Centers, Inc., Wheat Ridge Office, Golden Office, Montbello Office, contact Kayla 303 431-5664, or Cam 303 69-8427,
 We are the bridge to help you find yourself, and the path out of what you find yourself in.
 Everyone, at some point, needs the help of others. Call us, Kayla (303) 431 - 5664, Cam (303) 669 - 8427.