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Client Information
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LI/LII Education and Therapy*
Level I Education - 2 hours over 6 weeks = 12 hours total
Level II Education - 2 hours over 12 weeks = 24 hours total

In addition to finishing your LII classes per if you have had a prior DWAI/DUI and what your B.A.C was at the time of the offense will determine if you will have LII TX (Therapy) or not. You will also find this information out once you go to sentencing and meet with probation. 

Track A: 2 hours over 21 weeks = 42 hours
No Priors; BAC was under .15
Track B: 2 hours over 26 weeks = 52
No Priors; BAC was over .15 or refusal
​Track C: 2 hours over 34 weeks = 68 hours
One or More Priors; BAC was under .15
Track D: 2 hours over 43 weeks = 86 hours
One or More Priors; BAC over .15 or refusal

LII 4+*
Please call for more information.

Interlock Enhancement Counseling*
These classes allow clients to finish 5 weeks early with treatment. Clients MUST have the interlock device already in their vehicle, and also MUST be Track B or higher to qualify. This class is one group and one individual per month over the course of 5 months and are concurrent with the LII ED and TX classes

Relapse Prevention/Substance Abuse*
It is designed to aid in preventing relapses, cognitive behavioral therapy to retrain the brain, and give skills and tools to remain sober from drugs or alcohol. These classes are usually on a 12 week program but it is either up to your probation officer or court ruling on if there are any changes to that amount.

Moral Reconation Therapy is a systematic treatment strategy that seeks to decrease recidivism among juvenile and adult criminal offenders by increasing moral reasoning. Courses are usually ranged about 16-36 weeks.

Anger Management*
This class is to teach you healthy ways to express and cope with anger. This course is about 12 weeks.

Parenting classes are a way to help and show parents that they have the ability to be the most important teacher in a child's life, so to help parents succeed at this task focusing on different techniques to handle many of the situations you face with your child. These classes are about 12 weeks.

Victim Empathy*
This class is teaches awareness exercises designed to help attendees understand impact of poor choices on self, others, and community. Courses are about 8-10 weeks. 

Domestic Violence*
This treatment program follows the approved state standards to insure quality treatment leading to the elimination of violence and abuse. These courses are ideal for court requirements. Class range based on Level given after evaluation is completed. 

Drug/Alcohol Evaluations or Assessments*

Out of State Offenders*
Please call for more information, 303 669 - 8427

*Subject to availability, please call office.
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